While washing your entity’s vehicles is unlikely to represent a big line item in your budget, payroll is an crucial factor. And there are few expenses that bring a lower return than paying your team of drivers to wait a long time to get vehicles washed.  

Not all car wash operations are the same in terms of the time required to be in and out.  With BriteWash, your drivers can be back on the road in as little as 5 minutes!

The bottom line, any fleet wash offer that does not streamline your driver’s time at the wash increases your costs and lowers your team’s productivity.  A deeply discounted $5 wash offer that delays your driver’s productivity most likely doubles your actual cost.

Fleet Washing is Easy:

With us, a barcode label on the windshield let’s your drivers cruise through the BriteWash tunnel without unnecessary forms to sign.

Positive ID of the vehicle coupled with our surveillance camera system eliminates the chance for unapproved washes.  Our system affords assurance that only the approved vehicles in your fleet get charged to your house account.

Discounted Pricing:

Our monthly plans deliver the perfect service for your entity’s vehicles. Logically, clean vehicles are also better maintained by their drivers.  And with gentle equipment and top of the line eco-friendly wash equipment, we’ll help you keep your fleet looking good.

Available for fleets of 10 vehicles or more, BriteWash is ready to go to work keeping your fleet looking good.  

For smaller fleets (less than 20 vehicles), we afford a discount of 10% off our regular prices. For this plan, drivers can access our facilities 7-days a week with no time-of-day restrictions.

For larger volume Fleet accounts, let us help you determine the right price that suits your budget. 

And for rock-bottom price, we can work with your fleet to offer lower prices for wash times that occur during our lower volume periods of the week (such as Mon-Wed) or at certain times of the day (early morning to 11:00am).

Finally, we can offer a package where you set the monthly budget and we prohibit overages.  In this package, the vehicles in your fleet typically get washed at the beginning and the middle of the month.  Once your budget is expended, further fleet washing will be pushed to the start of the following month.

Please contact our fleet sales representative at info@BriteWashAutoWash.com and we will assist you to select the plan that is right for your budget.

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