• CLEAN: Our first step involves a thorough cleaning whether via our Tunnel or a hand-wash that in every case is supplemented by quality detailing products (e.g., microfiber towels along with a low pH shampoo) that guarantees that any dirt, debris, road grime, pollen, or other form of surface gunk is removed.
  • INSPECT: Next, we inspect for any serious issues that may have been lurking beneath the surface. Corrective action is taken as needed using clay bar.
  • PROTECT: This step involves the application of surface protectant coatings such as car wax, paint sealants, tire dressing, ceramic coatings, and any other number of protective products. Topping it all is the use of a powered polisher to deliver the highest luster.
  • Clean windows, dash, disinfect center console & steering wheel, doors and jams, floors, seats & seat belts.
  • All our detailers make use of the correct tools including air pressure, soft brushes, microfiber towels, carpet extractor, leather conditioners, and eco-friendly
    citrus-based chemicals.
  • We can also de-odorize the vehicle using sophisticated
    ionizers for a nominal charge.

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